Since I started Inthesity I always wanted to write the English version. As this is impossible, at least with my current knowledge of the Shakespeare’s mother tongue, I´m going to try a post every week, as a resume of the Spanish version. (Coment by the author: It was a good intention, but I failed. Anyway I keep trying)

I´m also going to translate 2 or 3 lines of everyday posts, so you can see what kind of venue I´m reviewing. I hope that will satisfy my foreign readers. (Other coment: I failed again, but I keep trying again). Find some post in English under English&thesity Category.

The name of this bolg is a joke that I made up when I arrived to the Metropolis (Madrid) from a small town, and the purpose is to comment events, bars, clubs, restaurants, openings, that are not in the travel guides. The insider’s point of view.

I love inventing new words, also expressions, and of course to make direct translation of Spanish expressions, so you probably won´t find many spelling errors (gmail has a very good check spelling tool) but hundreds if you pay attention to my grammar, and hundreds of no sense expressions. Don´t panic, feel free to send me any comments about it, I would do whatever I want, at any time, but I will always thank you for reading Inthesity.

Feel free also to take any of my pictures, almost all of them, for your web site, if you credit and Link https://inthesity.wordpress.com



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11 09 2006

thanks for all the comments. i’m glad you enjoy my blog but i wish i could reciprocate. however, i don’t know enough spanish to do so. I’ll be sure to check out that book you recommended

18 10 2006

Hi, thank you for your positive comments on my blog in regards to my “quitting”. I surely needed a lot of encouragement to keep up with my goals.

If only I can “read” your blog…

11 11 2006
Miguel Stokes

I am enjoying reading your blo. even if I can’t understand everything you are write about. mas tan manos a friend of named, Placido Sanotos introduced me to you. thank you for creating such an exciting blog.
I’m learning mas sorbre leyendo Y escribiendo en espanol

estoy practticando mas yo necesito mas practicar todo en espanol

miguel AKA Michael

19 03 2007

Thanks for your frequent comments on my blog. Unfortunately, I too cannot read much Spanish. sigh.

I’ll be happy to review and edit any English-language posts you want to have checked; I am, after all, an English teacher and edit lots of stuff.

20 06 2007
Anna Watkins

About time I started practising my Spanish and translating for you.
Will I see you at Kurts and Simon’s wedding in September?

20 06 2007

Oooh Ana Wat, it´s been so long since I last hear from you.
Of course will be in Marbella for Kurts and Simon´s wedding, and for a crazy week end whit our brit friends.

23 04 2009

Going to Madrid in May for the first time…need some tips! 🙂 I’m a New Yorker so I’m hard to please but I’m sure Madrid will delight.

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