2 07 2007

El año pasado posteé sobre San Fermín en Castellano, echale un vistazo aquí al antes y aquí al después, este año me paso al inglés porque yo lo valgo.


It all starts whith the chupinazo, a single firework, tha´s enligthened on the Town Hall the 6Th of july, after and untill the 14Th of July is all about bulls and drinks, for the Americans it´s also about Hemingway, who discovered them the festival and the city, you can visit Pamplona following his track, or just to have fun or for both things. My advice don´t drink and run, the cops won´t allow you either.

Como no hay que calzarse

Find every best place in this map

Best place to see “El Chupinazo” 6th of July at 12.00 A.M.

If you are not brave enough to be in the square facing the town hall- it´s impossible to get there if you don´t arrive at least tree hours earlier- arond San Saturnino´s church is the best place to stay, you won´t see anything but you´ll be near enough to feel it, and of course in a safer and cleaner place. 10 minutes after El Chupinazo watch the people coming from the square. Whatever happens don´t come with sandals the floor is full of broken glass.

Best place to see the crazy Aussies jump. 6th of July between 13.00 and after.

Crazy Aussies practice the Angel´s Jump from the 5 meter high Navarrería Fountain. They think it´s a local tradition, but it´s not, visitor- specially Aussies- are the ones who jump. In previous years the council had tried to prevent people jumping, one year they dismantled the fountain, but people climbed to the balconies and jumped.

Best place to listen to the Txalaparta.

Listen to what? Ok, The Txalaparta is an ancient Basque percussion instrument. There are two brothers that come to play every year, and they do it really well. You can watch them during the week end. The best place is in Calle Mercaderes, have a look every time you pass by, and probably you´ll find them there.


Best place to dance

Those days you have to go to Jarauta and enter wherever you see a Peña- Oberena adn Alegria de Iruaña are my favorites-, bars ruled by local associations, were they play summer hits, San Fermín music and were you can get in contact with locals. But if anytime you are fed up with people pushing you or spilling their drinks over you, make your way towards Jito Alai, a free an spacious open air club were different DJ´s will make you dance till dawn.

Encierro en Estafeta

Best place to see El Encierro

If you want to see the bull run and you don´t have a window with views, the best place to watch the run is Telefónica. Be there by 5,30 and as soon as they built the fence, and remember take a place in the second fence, otherwise the police will make you leave, the first one must be free for the runners.

Best Place for Breakfast

Chocolate and Churros is a must for breakfast. La churrería de la Mañueta is the oldest churrería in Pamplona, and of course the best, here you can see the churreros in action. Get the churros and go somewhere else to get the chocolate.

Churrer�a de la Mañueta

Best place to get tickets for the bullfight

Every bullfight is sold out so you have to get a ticket on the street. The best place is around the corner of Arrieta and Amaya St 30 minutes before the bullfight starts. There is always people selling tickets there, try not to buy to professional sellers. You can also get tickets on the beginning of Estafeta Street, one hour before, but at a much more expensive price.

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3 07 2007
La Chirvi

I don´t understand a carajo, puzzy.

3 07 2007
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3 07 2007

Eres de Pamplona?, si no es así, felicidades, has dado en el clavo en todos los consejos que das.

Menos mal que no has dicho todos los truquillos de la fiesta y nos has dejado algo para los pamploneses!!

Saludos y Viva San Fermín!!

3 07 2007

Si soy de Pamplona, como se puede deducir facilmente, si lees también los post sanfermineros que hice el año pasado y que están también enlazados arriba. Gracias, porque aún siendo de Pamplona la enorabuena me la quedo.
Lo de no contar todo es porque algo habrá que poner también el año que viene no?

3 07 2007
CooL BoY

Y se atreven a los San Fermines con Flip-Flops, eso sí que es una osadía, mucho más que correr antes los toros, jaja!

Por cierto, geniales las fotos del Europride! Bueno, y todas las tuyas! Cuando me venga a Mad quiero sesión by Inthe, jaja! Salu2

4 07 2007

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the photos – a must-seen events!

3 07 2008
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