25 06 2007

El post de hoy es en Inglés, porque los que hablamos español ya nos conocemos chueca de memoria, pero para que nadie se quede sin lectura diaria me hago un revival y os dejos otros pos aventuras de otros años sobre el Orgullo Gay: Cuanto Hijoputa Suelto, Living a Selebreision y Despendolando por Gran Vía.

orgullo gay 2006 Even thought most will come just for the week end, Gay Pride in Madrid is a five day party starting on Wednesday, and this year 2,5 million people are expected in Madrid, this years European Gay Capital. Events are programmed every minute, including concerts, Opera, ballet, sex parties, but there is only a few that you should not miss.


The OPENING PARTY in Plaza Vazquez de Mella will be held by Massiel, the only Spanish Eurovision diva – she won in 1968- and now a big mouth diva on any TV talk show that requires her presence. After the speech she will sing, karaoke is expected if not playback, but for sure with a devoted audience. JAVIER ALVAREZ also performs in Plaza de San Ildefonso on Wednesday at 22.30, the only Spanish gay crooner is a (valor), solo whit an acoustic guitar or with his band. CHEVY MURADAY, Ballet National Award winner it´s also a must in Plaza del Rey Stage. Wondering around Chueca you´ll bump into many other shows, including Travesties, on the corner of Pelayo and Augusto Figueroa, cheese Spanish groups from the eighties, in Plaza de Chueca and Vazquez de Mella, check the full programme here


Is the only thing you should´t miss. Unlike NYC, San Francisco or Amsterdam, this is not a watching from the sidewalk parade, this is a four hour dancing parade. Starts on Saturday 30th at 18 hrs. in Puerta de Alcalá and ends in Plaza de España whit a manifesto and a concert. Be there at 18,30, watch the people, look at the politics fade away, and wen the disco buses and tracks pass join the one you like and dance all the way till the end.


The streets of chueca are full of bars, but are also packed, if you can´t stand for that multitude, move to a club, all of them organize special parties this days.

Infinitamente gay
is the biggest one of saturday´s night parties. On the Madrid Arena far from Chueca but there is an all night bus service. Bob Sinclair is the star, perfect for techno lovers and muscle marys.

holds his party also on fryday Black Leather nigh, black leather dress code, but rubber, army, industrial and skinhead are also admitted.

Into the Tank
, The biggest sex party in this years Eurpride, will be held on Sunday afternoon, after17 P.M Plaza de los Mostenses. Fetish, sport, rubber, leather. Dress Code.

The Legend Party
Lesbians have their own rave at the Florida Park the 28th.

orgullo gay 2005


Most of the action is on the street but if you need a quicky, some bars in Chueca have dark rooms the biggest are on The Eagle and the Leather Club. Bears can find some action on calle Infantas and Vazquez de Mella, Enfrente, Hot bar and The Paso are the most crowded. But the real dark room action is on Strong Center Club, call it The Strong, they claim it´s the biggest room in Europe, and attracts any type of crowd.


If you are into Stema Baths there ara about ten in Madrid, the most crowded is Sauna Paraiso, Norte 15. Sauna Octopus, Calle Churruca 10, has a big swimming pool and is the newest, also good option option.


In order to survibe you´ll need some gas. Bars are on the street and have all the same prices that are a little big higher than usual, that´s because they pay for the festival. For those who don´t care, they can buy cheaper drinks in some of the bars in calle San Marcos Street.

For fast food pizzeria Vesuvio in Calle Hortaleza, if there is no room inside there is a take away window. Pink Sushi Man on the other side of Gran Vía, Circus for Asian food, or any of the Kebabs spreaded along Hortaleza St.

If you prefer to sit down there is a few cheap&chic restaurants, Wagaboo, two locations. Baazar, La Gloria de Montera, and Public ,have different menus and different decor but the same owner, expect the same vibe.


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25 06 2007

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