30 03 2007

Ahí va la versión en English, que no es traducción literal exacta, ni siquiera completa, del archifamoso post Pintxos, Pintxos que hay que Alimentarse.

This is the English version, of the famous Pintxos guide, if you are going to San Sebastian or if you enjoy gourmet food, keep reading…


Donosti (San Sebastián) is famous for many things, but specially for its gastronomy. You wont find in the hole world a city so small with so me many Michelin starred restaurants. Beside those unaffordable temples there are Pintxos: Small and absolutely delicious gourmet tapas you eat whit a wine or a tiny beer and head to the next bar for another, the complete via crucis- equivalent to a full dinner- will cost you around 25 €

Locals like Gigi, are devoted to pintxos, the go for the classics but also investigate the latest creations and new venues. Our expert said, the best way to do the pintxos tour is to walk around the old part of town guided by your sight and your nose, but if you want to go directly to best bets, there is her selection


Corredor de San Telmo s/n.
Tel. 943 43 54 46

Very small but has best pintxos in town, specially the meet ones like foie whit apple jelly, but also baby squid stuffed with spring onion. Look at the blackboard before asking, they erase an item wen they get rid of and suddenly idiazabals rissoto is over. They also have sweet pintxos for desert.

C/ Fermín Calbetón 4

Everybody knows his famous prawn brochette, its spectacular but the also the “marijuli”. The problem again is the space. A good selection of cold pintxos and sandwiches also available.

Pza. Constitución 15
Tel: 943 42 81 04

Another favorite, but this time there is no space problems. Bar full of cold pintxos but you can also ask for something cooked or a brochette. Mushrooms, asparagus and king prawn crepes, or the runner up in the last pintxos contest Small cylinders of beef cheeks with red wine.

C/ Pescadería 5
Tel. 943 42 22 27

Many times awarded for their anchovies. They serve them in many different ways and with different sauces. An example Anchovies with cream of spider crab.

There are cocktail bar, oyster bar, but this is the real first Anchovies bar.

Embeltrán 6

Best sandwiches (bocadillos) specially Spanish Tortilla.2) IN GROS (outside de old part of town)

C/ Birmingham 24
Tel.: 943 29 08 18< /p>

This the best and most awarded bar in the city, and winner of the last Spanish tapas contest. I´ts a festival of flavors, shapes, and scents. They offer a tasting menu.

Unfortunately the most awarded pintxos bar of the world closed recently, they say that temporarily but it could be definitely.

c/ Birmingham

It´s been awarded as best bar in the city. As every bar you can chose from an array of pintxos but Udaberri and Txalupa are a must.

c/ Peña y Goñi 10

Pintxos here are precious miniatures, but high prices. If you are in Donosti, you must come at least once. The Cube of tuna with wasabi is an option

c/ Ramón María Lilí

Strategically situated in front of Moneo´s Kursaal, is always packed during the Jazz Festival or the Film Festival.

And to drink?
Local withe wine Txakoli ans Astigarraga cider are a must. House wine or house special is also fresh and good, usually a non labeled rioja, about a euro per Glass. Zurito, half a caña, or mosto for those who prefer non alcoholic drinks.

Bon apetit.

More information:


This guide was originally writen by Gigi. Translation by Inthesity.



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1 04 2007

My kind of FOOD – they simply look palatable. And thank you Gigi for the translation.

See, I didn’t leave.

1 04 2007

I just wrote the “original guide” in Spanish, Inthesity is the official translator 😉
Hace siglos que no hago un pintxotour, pero tengo uno previsto para el martes 😉

1 04 2007

Que cabrona, traeme un tapper con algunos cuadno vengas el lunes a la sity, si sí tupper, te llevaré a un japo o algo sofisticado, si no tupper callos en la taberna más gurra que encuentre.

2 04 2007

oído cocina… a ver qué dice la gusi, pero x mí, japo, japo! allora, nel tupper: brocheta de gambas? antxoas con arándanos? foie al oporto? :p

11 12 2008

The link is set to a worng address. is linking to, that is the town’s official website.
Very good post 🙂

12 12 2008

thanks pintxolari I changed the link.
I’m glad you liked it

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