30 03 2007

Ahí va la versión en English, que no es traducción literal exacta, ni siquiera completa, del archifamoso post Pintxos, Pintxos que hay que Alimentarse.

This is the English version, of the famous Pintxos guide, if you are going to San Sebastian or if you enjoy gourmet food, keep reading…


Donosti (San Sebastián) is famous for many things, but specially for its gastronomy. You wont find in the hole world a city so small with so me many Michelin starred restaurants. Beside those unaffordable temples there are Pintxos: Small and absolutely delicious gourmet tapas you eat whit a wine or a tiny beer and head to the next bar for another, the complete via crucis- equivalent to a full dinner- will cost you around 25 €

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