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Otro gran momento pirata en Inthesity, me acaba de llegar el newsletter de Urban Junkies con los tips para el cuatro de Julio en Washington D.C. ¿Dónde si no? Además sii me pegué ayer media noche escaneando afotos para hacer un postquetecagas de San Fermín- proximanente “born in the 6th of Julai” porqué no iba a poner este que me llega calentito y directo para elnocopypeg si tengo un ratín os pongo un poco de transleision. Mientras os dejo con lo que nos cuentan los de Urban:


With street names being of the one-letter kind (A St, B St, C St, etc.) or of the number variety (1st St, 2nd St, etc.) and with a crucial NE, NW, SE or SW appendage to denote which quadrant of the city we are talking about, it is no wonder that this is a place where neighbourhood names are required.

Adams Morgan
‘Colourful’ is a travel guide byword for ethnic, and on 18th Street it is, in all senses of the word. This is Havanian heaven with the best late night bars and dance-floor action.


Un barrio con colorido, má bien étnico, que llega al culmen en la calle 18. En esta zona están los mejores tugurios y discos de última hora.

Capitol Hill
is ultimately the largest historic district in Washington. Here you’ll find financiers, movers-n-shakers, as well as a more innocent community of secret boutiques, parks, and quaint houses.


Barrio histórico, turismo, parques, tiendas secretas y casas típicas.

Enough said.


Lo de siempre

Dupont Circle
This is Chelsea on acid. Masonic buildings and beaux art houses surrounded by fine French restaurants and embassies. This neighbourhood screams excess.


Barrio pijo, con casa pijas, embajadas y restaurantes pijos.

Creeks, canals and old-fashioned mansions make this a ‘Gone with The Wind’ version of nostalgic Americana, with grand marble pillared houses and huge sweeping gardens.


Naturaleza y mansiones sureñas tipo Señoríta Ecarlataaa. Se recomienda caminar muy atentos. existe riesgo de encontrarse a Ansar.

Penn Quarter
If you could believe there would be a hippy part of town with Bush in office, this is where to find it. The eclectic, left wing arty types lap up the intimate galleries and café culture here.


La esencia del rollo hipy-pijo americano.

U Street
Between 10th and 15th Streets is the heart of ‘Black Broadway’, DC’s hangout du jour. Expect the requisite swank crowd, designer bars, great shops and music. Shoreditch only wishes it was this cool.


La zona cool, dieseño, tiendas de diseño, gente vestida de diseño, lo último de lo último en arte y por supuesto diseño.

Famed for its musical heritage and underground cool cache, the nightlife in DC revolves around a thriving bar and lounge scene. Pockets of cool are found among a sea of sports bars (big telly and frat boys, some of whom may even still be in college) and, even if they may not let you in wearing your favourite kicks (yup, this city still has a no trainers policy), the drinks scene is as good as any in New York – just with a friendlier crowd.


DC, famosa por su escena musica y su rollito under-ground- los bares se dividen entre bar de toda la vida y el muermazo lounge. Mucho bareto en el que se ven el baseball o el football, el típico sports bar y esos donde no te van a dejar entrar con tus zapas, el rollo barrio de Salamanca salta el charco.

Blues Alley
No music lover should miss a trip to the city’s intimate, historic and unpretentious jazz supper club that has played host to everyone from Eva Cassidy to Dizzy Gillespie. Swagger like a 20s Tallulah then chow down on a big plate of Creole.
1073 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Georgetown, DC 20007 – +1 202 337 4141


Se entiende no? mucho Jazz un templo vamos

This bar is Latino all the way. Expect a hacienda-like flamboyant interior, great drinks (bottle service available) and oddly, hookahs. Caters to an older crowd (read, hopefully no students), and has a sexy, laid back atmosphere, with live music five times a week.
1624 U St NW, DC 20037 – +1 202 234 8400


Rollo hacineda-lux-desbordante, con publico post universitario, chic. A veces música en directo.

Chief Ike’s Mambo Room
Downstairs dancing, upstairs pool playing at this kitsch-cool spot with bright décor and dirty dancing.
1725 Columbia Rd NW, Adams Morgan, DC 20009 – +1 202 332 2211


Abajo bailar, arriba billar, con decoración kisch.

ESL (or 18th St. Lounge)
The cynics will write this off as a desperate Manhattan wannabe with its clientele of West Wing meets Sex And The City, but as the birth cradle of Thievery Corporation this chic two-floor lounge club has its cred in order – and a cool patio, too.
1212 18th St NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20036 – +1 202 466 3922

From the owners of the Chi-Cha lounge, here you’ll find a fabulous terrace, great sushi, minimalist interior, and a mixed crowd. Martinis are a must.
1629 Connecticut Ave NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20009 – +1 202 667 5500


Donde espera una cueva de manguis al menos con ese nomber, te das de morros con terraza pija, mucho sushi y minimalismo por doquier. Los martínis son lo máximo.

Local 16
We like it here. Quaint restaurant/bar close to 16th Street that caters to locals, with local produce – expect grilled everything (squid being a highlight). Post dining there is plenty of drinking to be done in one of their three (two indoor, one outdoor) bars. This place is grown-up.
1602 U Street NW, DC 20009 – +1 202 265 2828


Multi espacio, retauante, y bares, dos a cubierto y una terraza. Muy para aborígenes, y la comida toda a la parrilla, como se lleva en este country.

MCCXXIII (Twelve Twenty Three)
Labels itself as a ‘Premier Champagne and Caviar Club’ but the fact that it hosts $20 all-you-can-drink happy hours says more about its class than any of its VIP pretensions. That said, its (three hour long) happy hours are mighty good value, even if you still have to tip the barman.
1223 Connecticut Ave NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20036 – +1 202 822 1800


Por 20 dolares tienes una happy hour de 3 horas en la que ponerte ciego, eso sí le quita mucho glamour a un local que pretender ser el primer Caviar y Champú bar.

Pharmacy Bar
It may not be another Hirst creation, but the sentiment’s the same. Pills, medicine cabinets, and antique potions decorate this medicinal bar. Great people watching, and juke box. Hoegaarden on tap (this is a rarity in DC), and good weekend brunches.
2337 18th St NW, Adams Morgan DC 20009 – +1 202 483 1200

Science Club
With a name like this, you would expect bespectacled geeks hiding in the corners, rather than this revamped brownstone, upscale lounge. Locals are all over it as a change of pace from the usual assortment of pub dives and frat bars.
1136 19th Street, Downtown, NW 20036 – +1 202 775 0747

Spy Lounge
Order a dirty, and tuck yourself in to this Bond inspired bar (enter through the Felix Restaurant and Lounge). White walls, and sleek modern décor means that you won’t be surrounded by Bond memorabilia (thank god), but a strict door policy means that you will be surrounded by a Goldeneye crowd.
2406 18th Street NW, Adams Morgan, DC 20009 – +1 202 483 3549

The Brickseller
This is a DC institution, claiming the world’s largest selection of beers – close to 1,100 at the last check – making it the perfect stop for a large chilled beverage. So great beers, we’re not so sure about the clientele though.
1523 22nd Street NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20037 – +1 202 293 1885

Wonderland Ballroom
Fabulous vintage décor, but cheap beer means that students/cheaps may come a flocking.
1111 Kenyon St NW, Colombia Heights, DC 20010 – +1 202 232 5263

NYC being a speedy three hoursaway, hardcore clubbers have usually left town by mid-afternoon. We recommend you proceed with all ‘clubs’ in DC with caution. Seems like there are student nights a plenty, a promos splashed over the internet – so if you’re looking for a dance and a tucked away table, make sure that that’s what you’re going to get. Call ahead.


Si aceleras llegas a NYC en unas tres horas, así que la peña se abre para Manhattan y eso deja el DC bajo mínimos los fines de semana, así que cuidadito donde te metes para no aburrirte.

If you want to know where the ‘ballers’ are in DC, look no further. This four floor nighclub has thirty VIP tables (steep minimums) and 11 VIP beds (Clinton lounging?). Student nights are usually on Thursdays; steer clear.
1350 Okie St NE, DC 20002 – +1 202 636 9030


Lo más, los estudiantes vienen los jueves. Mucha zona Vip en cuatro plantas.

Another red-roper, but here at least once inside you can grab a bite (why don’t more clubs have restaurants?), or treat yourself to a cigar from their extensive stoggie menu.
33 Patterson Street, DC 20002 – +1 202 842 3401


Más cordón y alfombra roja, dentro tiene restaurante.

This is a bit of strange beast, a restaurant with club aspirations, kitted out as a huge yacht. Only in America kids.
800 Water St, DC 20024 – +1 202 484 6300


Raro, raro, raro, restaurante con pretensiones de disco dancing en un yate enorme.

With diplomatic representations from all over the world and a higher concentration of expense accounts than Cipriani, you’re never left wanting for choice or quality cuisine. This being America-outside-NYC, you will never leave the table hungry either.


Con tanta embajada por metro cuadrado hay una concentración de resturantes high class que te cagas, pero como esto es américa, pagarás caro pero no pasarás hambre

Ben’s Chili Bowl
Go for late night snacks. Ok, so the chili isn’t be best, but it is an institution, and all the people who work there are great. It’s the atmosphere, experience and history that you go for.
1213 U Street NW, DC 20009 – +1 202 667 0909

Bombay Club
DC ain’t DC without West Wing style power lunches at über-classy restaurants, and none more so than the Bombay Club. Not only does it hark back to Colonial times, but they make one hell of a mojito and Sunday brunch.
815 Connecticut Avenue NW, Downtown, DC 20006 – +1 202 659 3727

The Diner
Everything that you’d expect from your American diner, this DC favourite will sate your mac & cheese cravings.
2453 18th St NW,Adams Morgan, DC 20009 – +1 202 232 8800

Hank’s Oyster Bar
This tiny restaurant manages to squeeze in the hordes of seafood and oyster lovers with quaint front-porch seating that gives you the additional benefit eavesdropping action.
1624 Q St. NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20009 – +1 202 462 4265

Despite an OTT aquatic-theme, the Reef is a welcome break from the claustrophobic bohemia on 18th Street and offers great healthy cheap eats in a local atmosphere, and has a rooftop bar for languorous afternoons in the sun.
2446 18th Street NW, Adams Morgan, DC 20009 – +1 202 518 3800

What’s the point of crossing the pond to order French? Get hearty, Southern cuisine here, in Super Size portions.
1990 M St. NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20036 – +1 202 659 1990

The decor is white but the menu thankfully goes beyond falafels and pita at this stylish Middle Eastern hotspot. Dig into the tapas-style mezzes while taking in the scene.
701 Ninth St. NW, Penn Quarter, DC 20001 – +1 202 638 0800

Hotel George
In a town full of fusty, expensive hotels the George was being well and truly screamed out for, and it exceeds expectations with a swanky lobby, French bistro and airy guestrooms. But don’t be totally fooled, you’re still in DC, there’s a luxe-smoking room for the old timers.
15 E Street NW, Capitol Hill, DC 20001 – +1 202 347 4200

Hotel Palomar
Brand new and the Palomar is a swish exec-type hotel, all clean lines, wireless and the best room service for late nights. The living room style lobby is like a home from home, that is, if you have a transparent fire place at your own abode. They only have 100 rooms open – as their official launch, when all 325 will be available isn’t until September – so book now to be one of the first.
2121A P Street, Dupont Circle, DC 20037 – +1 202 448 1800

The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown
The Tate Modern resemblance only goes as far as the chimney of this renovated incinerator – it’s got all the Ritz-Carlton you’d expect inside. The preferred accommodation of any visiting politico with enough clout to justify it on the expense bill and with the schmooze bar of choice, Degrees, in the building, it’s awfully practical, too.
3100 South Street Northwest, Georgetown, DC 20007 – +1 202 912 4100

Rouge Hotel
A boutique hotel where the usual Hempel-ish white streak has been replaced by, naturally, a bit of rouge. Like everything else in America, rooms are much bigger, too, compared to their European (or NYC) counterparts and service is excellent, especially in the hopping hotel bar.
1315 16th St NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20036 – +1 202 232 8000

Swann House
The best B&B winner by Froders, for like, years, with an outdoor pool and proper New England style décor, this is like living in an epic dolls house.
1808 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Dupont Circle, DC 20009 – +1 202 265 4414

The Tabard Inn
This gem of a hotel, is an eclectic and cosy, budget option, and is slightly off the beaten track – which is a good thing. Seek and you will find here.
1739 N Street, NW, Dupont Circle, DC, 20036 – +1 202 785 1277

Hotel Washington
Views of the White House from the rooftop bar are among the attractions here, as is the feeling of being a guest of the President himself. Not that there are many that would still like to be his new lapdog, but don’t let that put you off this classy joint.
515 15th Street, NW, Downtown, DC 20004 – +1 202 638 5900

Washington is not exactly a fashion buzzword for style, but is home to some great indie boutiques and bookshops.

Carling Nichols
A quaint Georgetown antique store makes for great pottering before remaking an epic ‘Rhett, Rhett’ scene (that’ll be a Gone with the Wind link again then)
1675 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Georgetown, DC 20007 – +1 202 3385 600

Eastern Market
Washington’s most beloved shopping hub, where weekend bargains are bartered or battered for, whatever you fancy, from artisans, craftsmen and gastro laden carts. You have to look around for “local produce” but there is a new dairy farmer selling fab cheeses and yogurt.
225 Seventh Street SE, Capitol Hill, DC 20003 – +1 202 546 2698

Miss Pixie’s Furnishings and Whatnot
The place to pick up inexpensive and unique home furnishings, get your love-seats upholstered and generally break your flight allowance.
1810 Adams Mill Road NW, Adams Morgan, DC 20009 – +1 202 232 8171

The women’s clothing boutique stocks edgy designer wear with a vintage accent, think Kirsten Dunst kookiness in Elizabethtown.
715 Eighth Street SE, Capitol Hill, DC 20003 – +1 202 675 6900

No trip to DC would be complete without a trip to the Smithsonian Institution with its 18 museums – a visit to the National Air and Space Museum is unmissable, technology geek or not, with the recent addition of SpaceShipOne – but there are other things to do than rummaging the (actually not so) dusty corridors of museums.

Jazz in the Garden
During the summer the National Gallery of Art has jazz on Fridays in their sculpture garden. No, this is not pretentious, it’s fabulous darling… although there is a cafe with wine, beer and sangria for sale. Understand me here… you can drink outside, in public, in the US!

Screen on The Green
In July and August, every Monday night you can watch movies on the Mall. Get there early, drinks not allowed (but what they can’t see, they don’t know… wink wink, nudge nudge) and don’t bring chairs, because you are not “allowed” to use/sit in them (i.e., the locals will break the legs off your chair and beat you with them for obstructing their view. So go ahead, but it might hurt).

Transvestite bingo
What better ways to get to know a place than hanging out with this lot. Cross-dressing seems to have swept the capital and there are numerous places but our favourite place is Club Chaos in Dupont on Tuesdays. You don’t have to be a transvestite to participate and enjoy – the British accent more than compensates.

Embassy gatecrashing
There’s probably no other place in the world with more official representations than DC, making even London look like a provincial backwaters in comparison. Of course, that also means that there’s no better place to dig into the excesses of diplomatic budgets. Find all the ongoing events on

More events on




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